QLab + Applescript commands for Projector & Application Boot-Up/Shut-Down Routine

I recently developed a visual show for a theater company that needed to run several weeks on its own with automated commands to be triggered from a Lighting Console.

Our equipment & software included:

  • Mac Pro running macOS 10.14.6 ‘Mojave’
  • Panasonic PT-RZ21K Projector connected via Cat5
  • QLab application
  • Resolume Arena 5 application
  • Projector Manager utility app
    We wanted to be able to control the Projector via QLab to control things like Power and the internal Shutter mechanism. I wasn’t having any luck with sending hexidecimal commands from QLab directly to the projector over LAN, as the syntax was confusing and oblique, and multiple attempts and trials yielded no successful communication.

    I then discovered a very useful little application called Projector Manager, which I was able use as a bridge between QLab and the Projector. But how to control Projector Manager programmatically? Luckily, the native macOS Script Editor app, and its App Dictionary function (File > Open Dictionary …) exposed the necessary commands I wanted to call from within Projector Manager using Applescript fired from QLab.