Migrating Live WordPress Install for Local Development using MAMP Pro

I recently needed to do some unit testing on a WordPress install that was in maintenance mode, preventing me from viewing the site logged-out as a visitor would.

Using the Duplicator plugin to create a package.zip and installer.php file, I was able to migrate into a local environment, which afforded the needed flexibility to complete my tests.

• Open MAMP Pro, and under the Hosts tab, add a new host using the ‘+’ button in the bottom left, and set the Document Root to a new folder ‘site’ inside of /Applications/MAMP/htdocs

• Start the servers and navigate to the installer.php within ‘site’ in the browser (in my case: http://localhost:8888/site/installer.php).

• In MAMP Pro, navigate to MySQL tab and open phpMyAdmin and create a new database (I used the same name for the local database as for the one on the live server).

• Following installer.php prompts, test the database, with admin / password set to ‘root’.

• Disable any plugins from the live install that you don’t need or that are causing issues (I wasn’t able to use really-simple-ssl because of a bug in Chrome which prevented me from testing the local dev with one MAMP’s generated SSL certificates).

That should do it! Migration complete and ready for testing.